Corporate Information
Founded in Jan 2005, Networkz IT Solutions is a Software Consultancy and Software Development company that provides practical and powerful business software solutions to corporate markets around the world, especially to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) in Singapore.

Networkz’s solutions are developed and supported by a team of dedicated software engineers and web designers who have had extensive experiences in various types of customized software solutions.

Some of the projects include website designs, e-commerce projects, backend programming, web applications, and client-based customized software.

Networkz focuses on providing invaluable consultancy services to clients, in terms of advising the various use of technology to enhance the marketability and efficiency of a business in almost any industry.

Networkz also collaborates with reliable Associate Partners from the following fields to provide value-added services to Networkz’s clients.

  • Internet and Online Marketing Consultants
  • Marketing and Branding Consultants
  • Graphic Design Firms
  • Software and Hardware Distributors
  • Web Hosting Companies
  • IT System Integrators

Networkz’s ability to support MNCs is anchored by its experience in analyzing clients’ business operations and business strategies, and developing Internet Applications, Client-Based Applications and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This capability has enabled Networkz to become a valued business partner with a host of leading domestic and international companies.

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Software Consultancy

Do you know which type of solution is best for your use? What IT hardware or web hosting service you need with your software solution? What should you be planning for from this point on, and for the next 5 years?

Our consultants help you to analyze your business situation and processes, and advise you on the things you can possibly automate now, and in the next few phases.

Custom Software Development

It takes careful planning to set out your Web infrastructure. And a good software partner will plan out your solution in phases, and stay with you throughout all of them.

From the website design, to the software development and after sales support, Networkz will provide you with full consultancy and support.

Maintenance & Outsourcing

After a website or software application is developed by Networkz, Networkz is able to estimate that the amount of additional development work for the customer’s application, for the next 1 to 3 years.

Under such a circumstance, Networkz would quote the client a flat fee for a fixed number of amendments or programming work done. The prices will be based on the amount of man days needed for each amendment, and the amendments in total.


We welcome any person or company that is interested in long-term cooperation with us and wants to visit Networkz to see the company operations and discuss mutual business relations.

Got A Question? Let’s discuss it. We will analyse your business with you! Drop us an email for a no-obligation discussion. Click here!

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