Top 7 Reasons: Why your Business Needs a Chatbot

Top 7 Reasons: Why your Business Needs a Chatbot

Did you know that over 80% of international businesses are using chatbots these days? That’s right: AI-powered bots are incredibly popular and for good reasons. Thanks to the high demand, there are lots of Chatbot Development Companies in Singapore and other leading markets that can create a customized bot for the utmost efficiency. But we’re not going to discuss the best developers in this post.

Instead, I want to talk to you about the benefits of having a chatbot. What can it do for an online service provider? How can it help you to take your business to the next level? It’s obvious that bots greatly reduce the cost of customer support and assist potential customers in getting what they want. But there’s a lot more to them. Join me, and let’s dig deeper!

Reason #1: Chatbots are available 24/7

Top 7 Reasons: Why your Business Needs a ChatbotPeople need rest, robots don’t – that’s the #1 advantage of a chatbot over human customer support agents. As you can imagine, keeping customer service available day and night can be quite costly. Bots don’t have any work hours and can serve potential customers 24/7, without any rest or breaks. A chatbot can so much more than just hand out answers at any time during the day.

It can also make reservations for the clients, show what’s available on the menu right now, and share lots of details about the product/service that you provide. True, a “machine” can never be as intuitive as a human agent; still, it can handle a lot of different situations successfully.

Reason #2: They help to keep the Clients Happy

Top 7 Reasons: Why your Business Needs a ChatbotLet’s face it: small businesses are almost always being crushed by the bigger fish. Mainly, that happens because a startup business doesn’t have as wide of a reach. Plus, the moguls build a reputation and trust among potential clients, which a modest company doesn’t have. With chatbots, you can “speed up” the process of becoming a recognized, credible vendor.

In 2021, people have very little patience and want their questions answered ASAP. As I just mentioned, that can be done with a bot. A quick tip: make sure to add a FAQ (frequently asked questions) list to your chatbot. That will make it easier for the clients to understand what your service/business is all about.

Reason #3: Bots Aid Customers in finding what they want

Top 7 Reasons: Why your Business Needs a ChatbotIn contrast to a popular belief, most online customers don’t really know what they’re after. Different clients have different needs and budgets and it can be quite hard to find the right product unless you (the customer) are an expert in the field. Statistics prove that clients need guidance when they want to buy something expensive. A chatbot can be of extra help in those kinds of situations.

It will do its best to explain the differences between several products, talk about their pros and cons, and even make recommendations. Sadly, this technology isn’t perfect yet, and most bots can’t always answer the most detailed questions correctly. With that said, they do get the job done and keep the clients satisfied.

Reason #4: They Help in Growing your Business

Top 7 Reasons: Why your Business Needs a ChatbotAnother big pro of having a chatbot on your team – it can bring new, loyal customers to your business. This is very important, especially if you’re just trying to make it in the industry. A human agent only provides help to two or three users. A bot isn’t “afraid” of a large number of customers and can attend to their needs without even breaking a sweat.

For scaling operations and growing your business, this is excellent news. The bigger you get, the bigger the client influx – that’s a universal rule. And there’s nothing worse than evolving your enterprise only to start letting down clients that have to wait for hours to get support.

Reason #5: Modern users like Bots

Top 7 Reasons: Why your Business Needs a ChatbotThe younger generation prefers “lifeless” bots over human interactions – this is proven by numerous studies. Plus, they like to solve any problems and/or find answers to their questions on their own, without getting aid from a real person on the other side of the conversation. The older generation will always take a phone call over an email, but not the millennials.

Texting, sending SMS messages and communicating with each other through social media is the new normal. That’s why chat support is so popular these days. Bots take seconds to become available and require very little time to respond to client inquiries. This is another reason to consider investing in a chatbot. It will make your product more accessible to the most active users of the Internet – the youth.

Reason #6: Chatbots are great at engaging in Conversations

Top 7 Reasons: Why your Business Needs a ChatbotYou wouldn’t believe how naturally bots act when interacting with humans. They are capable of having long, meaningful conversations, and in most cases, it is pretty hard to tell who you’re talking to – a robot or a real person. The best way to use a chatbot is to have it waiting in the bottom right corner. When potential customers visit your website, the bot will “pop up”, but without being too annoying.

When they do require its help, users will just click/tap on its icon and ask away. Remember: chatbots work by using pre-set answers from a database. So, yes, ultimately, their “humanity” depends on how big, flexible, and up-to-date the database is. Thanks to advanced algorithms, chat bots are decent at mimicking human conversations.

Reason #7: This is a Cost-Effective Investment

Top 7 Reasons: Why your Business Needs a ChatbotBefore we say our goodbyes, I want to stress out once again how cheap chatbots are. The most advanced bots are kinda pricey, that’s true, but, compared to a big staff of support agents that you’d have to hire instead, chatbots are, indeed, rather affordable. On top of that, as we learned today, this concept has proven to be effective in real-world situations.