Tips for Choosing a Software Testing Company

As the name suggests, software testing companies do just that: evaluate an app/software to find bugs and report back to the client. They also look for imperfections in the code. It’s a common practice to hire third-party testers to do thorough reviews of an app for tech giants before releasing it. But what about the “little guys” – how does a small-/medium-sized business find the right testing company?

Should you go with Ukraine and Poland, or maybe India and China? In 2021, Singapore will be a better place to look for your perfect partner. The List of Software Testing Companies in Singapore is truly impressive, and once you learn my tips for choosing the right agency, you’ll be able to take your business to the next level. All you’ll have to do is ask the right questions!

#1: Can this Company be Trusted?

Tips for Choosing a Software Testing Company

These can be found on BBB (the Better Business Bureau),, LinkedIn, or even Google Reviews. It might be worth it to also take a quick look at client reviews on the company’s Facebook or Twitter pages, but remember that they aren’t always 100% honest. If it’s a relatively big agency, Google them a bit: I’m talking about negative news, latest PR stunts, maybe a change of logo – things like that usually mean trouble.

Talk to Previous/Active Clients

I also recommend asking for some client references. That’s right: after you read some reviews and seem to like what the software tester is all about, get in direct contact. There are lots of ways to do that – phone, email, social media, and the good-old ticket system – it’s up to you. This is one of the most effective ways to evaluate their work ethic, attitude, and professionalism. Talking to a couple of happy (or sad) clients should help you make the right decision.

Ask them why they decided to work with this company, how quickly they got a response, and more. And if they’re still working with the same team on a new project, that might be a sign that you can trust them in the long run.

#2: How much will their Services Cost you?

Alright, so, if you’re even more convinced now, the next step would be to think about the financial side of things. Hopefully, you already have a budget that was approved and allocated for this specific project. A quick note: most software testing companies don’t really like to make their price-lists available to the general public. Instead, they prefer to set budgets for each individual client and/or project.

Tips for Choosing a Software Testing Company

In a way, that’s rather smart, but it makes it harder to know what you’re dealing with before reaching out and asking how much their services will cost you. I just mention the importance of talking to happy clients. Well, you could always ask them about how much they had to pay (don’t push it, though).

What’s the Market Average in 2021?

In the US, QA (Quality Assurance) charges up to 50 dollars hourly. In Europe, the average price is 20 euros/hour, while in Asia it’s usually $5-10 per hour. In Singapore, the price-tag is going to be 15-25 US dollars, give or take. Did you know that software testing takes up to 40% of any company’s IT budget. And get this: every year, the global market spends ~350 billion (!) dollars on testing.

Here are the facts: a major flaw/bug in a new app usually leads to a 4-5% decrease in a company’s market value. So, I’d say paying a high-quality software testing company will be worth it. Now, if you’re the owner or a relatively smaller business/service, you don’t necessarily have to work with the industry leaders. Make a list of potential candidates and cross off the ones that jump beyond your budget. Don’t go too cheap, either.

#3: Are they really up to the Task?

Tips for Choosing a Software Testing CompanyWill this company be able to do what I need, or not? That’s another question that you’ll need to answer before hiring a team of software testers. The first thing I check is the range of provided services. Some business owners prefer to work with companies that provide a wide scope of different IT services, and that’s ok. But I recommend paying more attention to teams that only specialize in software testing.

The reason: you won’t ever need a tester to handle web development, design, or create a mobile app for you. So, all the extra services won’t do you any good, even if you decide to work with this team for a really long time. In contrast, an agency that consists solely of software testers will probably have more experience in this field and do a better job of evaluating your program/app.

Get in Contact with the Testers

It’s a rather common practice for clients to ask company representatives to get them in contact with the testers. Here’s the thing: unless you know at least the basics of software testing, you probably won’t be able to figure out how qualified they are for the job. However, if the agency heads refuse to let you have a “one-on-one” with their staff, that probably means they’re outsourcing their services.

Most experts are strongly against working with such companies slash “middlemen”, as they tend to charge you a lot more than the actual testers would.

#4: How Involved will you have to be?

Tips for Choosing a Software Testing CompanyOnce you get started with a team of software testers slash quality assurance specialists, they will request access to your QA tools, practices, processes, and software. There are dozens of development tools, platforms, and management systems out there. And, to be efficient, the testers will need to familiarize themselves with it all.

The integration process can be a lengthy one, but it is, indeed, necessary. What you should focus on is how involved will you have to be? Most business owners know very little about actual software development and prefer to let professionals handle it. So, before paying the testers make sure they’re ready to completely take over with minimal involvement on your side.

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