5 Steps to Choose the best IT Outsourcing Company in Singapore

If your business needs an IT company that specializes in outsourcing, you might want to start with Singapore. Local companies offer one of the most cost-efficient services on the market. Plus, they have proven to be tech-savvy and reliable. The Top IT Outsourcing Companies in Singapore will help you meet tight deadlines, allow you to focus on other important tasks, and still be in control of the process.

Plus, in some cases, outsourcing is more beneficial financially, especially if it’s a long-running project. In this post, I want to share my personal experience and knowledge on how to find the best IT outsourcing team in Singapore. This post was created so that you won’t have to read hundreds of reviews, spend more money than you should, and (potentially) end up disappointed. Alright, let’s dig right in!

Step #1: Specify the Task

5 Steps to Choose the best IT Outsourcing Company in SingaporeThe term “IT” is being widely used to describe a large number of different things. This can be system configuration, network solutions, troubleshooting, protection, software development, and more. That is why it’s very important to understand exactly what kind of a team you’re looking for. Say, a company that specializes in mobile app development might not be that great at fixing bugs in a complex corporate network.

Now, the best way to explain the goal to the outsourcing team is to contact them via phone, email, or social media. In my opinion, a video call is more preferable, as it allows you to talk “eye to eye”. With that out of the way, define a deadline that the company will have to meet to successfully complete the task.

Even if you’re in a rush and need this done ASAP, your potential new partner will require some time to go through with the project. And to avoid any misunderstanding, most IT outsourcing service providers in Singapore require the clients to sign an agreement. This is meant to protect both sides of the deal and to speed up the workflow.

Step #2: Define the Budget

5 Steps to Choose the best IT Outsourcing Company in SingaporeNo budget, no work done – that’s the golden rule of any partnership. So, before making any actual deals, you’ll have to know exactly how much (or how little) you can spend on the outsourcing services. Fortunately, most professional teams are pretty great at explaining what they can do for you for a given budget. Of course, if it’s too modest, the results won’t be too exciting either.

My advice to you: check out at least a dozen of IT outsourcing companies in Singapore – more importantly, their price-lists. In some cases, you’ll have to get in direct contact to learn what the gig is going to cost you. But, mostly, prices are available on official websites. Use that information to figure out the industry average. This will help to know in advance how many zeroes are going to be at the end of that check.

In any case, outsourcing means reduced labor cost, since you won’t have to pay anyone full-time. Plus, you only pay for certain services.

Step #3: Take some Time to Learn about the Company

5 Steps to Choose the best IT Outsourcing Company in SingaporeSo, by now, you know what you’re looking for and what kind of a budget you can spare on the project. But before committing to this deal with your hard-earned money, make sure to learn as much as you can about the company. Read some feedback, client reviews, and also check the company’s rating. A quick note: I usually skip the reviews and acknowledgments on company websites, as they aren’t always 100% correct or true.

Instead, go straight to third-party websites that aren’t biased in any way and where users can leave honest feedback. The number of completed projects also matters, especially if you’re planning to spend a significant amount of money on this outsourcing project. Speaking of completed projects, it’s important to figure out the company’s expertise as well. They will tell you they’re up to their task, but if the portfolio says otherwise, it might be wise to look elsewhere.

Step #4: Make Sure You’ll Get Ongoing Support

5 Steps to Choose the best IT Outsourcing Company in SingaporeBack in the day, when I was just starting to work with outsourcing companies, I didn’t really understand the importance of on-going support. The thing with outsourcers – they prefer to work within set limits (of time, resources, and budgets). This is true not only for Singapore-based companies but also pretty much any other service provider. But, if you need them to be available for some time after their job is done, don’t hesitate to specify that.

For an extra price, they’ll always have an expert or two at your disposal. With the IT industry changing and evolving at a rapid pace, continuous project support is vital for growing as a business. Also, make sure that the company provides a guaranteed service. That means they’ll be obligated to resolve any issues with the project that might come forth.

Step #5: Be on the Lookout for any Incentives

5 Steps to Choose the best IT Outsourcing Company in SingaporeThis is a “bonus” step, but it will help you to keep your wallet full. The competition in the market of IT outsourcing is pretty fierce, which is why many companies are offering all kinds of memberships, discounts, incentives, and more. In the long run, this can save you a lot of money. However, be extra careful and don’t fall for something that’s too good to be true, like a 50% discount on the first project, or something like that.

A quick tip: all decent outsourcing companies have a news list and a blog. In the news list, they publish all the latest updates: new services, any potential expansion plans, monthly statistics, etc. In the blogs, you’ll find IT-related posts on numerous topics. Now, if there isn’t any of that, it could be a sign that this company isn’t very serious (or worth your trust).